July 18, 2017

I don't know what it is about motorcycles that makes people want to talk to me when I'm stopped at a light. Pedestrians, other motorcyclists, other cars, they all think that I'm there to chat and that I'm not looking at the light ahead of me or keeping situational awareness in case a car comes out of nowhere and I need to move or a police car comes through traffic or any number of things. Just let me ride in peace.

June 11, 2017

US-12 across Idaho is a beautiful ride. It's even better on a motorcycle if you enjoy long smooth curves for literally 100 miles.

June 4, 2017

Almost nobody wears a helmet in Florida.

March 5, 2017

Not my bike, thank goodness.

August 27, 2016

Continuing my tradition of showing my fuel consumption for road trips, here we go. The primary difference between this trip and the last time I circled the country on a Honda Shadow is that this Shadow has a fuel injector while the last Shadow had a carburetor that I never tuned for the high elevations of the western United States.

I filled up the motorcycle twenty-five times. I spent a total of $154.81 on 68.222 gallons of gasoline. (This does not include what I put on the last tank of gas. I left the motorcycle at my brother's place with about 92 miles on the tank.) I regularly waited until an average 156.89 miles before filling up the tank and put in an average of 2.728 gallons. The tank holds 3.7 gallons. I got a best of 66.59 miles per gallon from Gunnison, CO, to Pueblo, CO -- which was mostly downhill -- and a worst of 48.32 miles per gallon from Corning, CA, to Sacramento, CA, on I-5. Over the course of the whole trip I averaged 57.5 miles per gallon, a number which just astounds me as spectacular. The most I paid per gallon was $2.75 in Granada, California. The last I paid was $1.98 which was about the average across everywhere that wasn't the west coast. (Interestingly, $2.75 is also about what gas costs near my apartment in Washington.)

Comparing this to the last cross country trip on a Honda Shadow, I spent $478.37 on gas then, averaging $2.68 per gallon, and 47.7 miles per gallon. This trip was a lot cheaper. I won't even bother comparing it to the Ural because that's just apples, oranges and anger.

August 20, 2016

My poor hydraulics.

August 18, 2016

Big thanks to Cycle House Performance in St. Louis for giving me an oil change with 20 minutes of notice.


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