February 9, 2018

Yes, David Lynch did just make me watch more than sixty seconds of someone sweeping a floor while Booker T played Green Onions. Sigh.

February 8, 2018

The school bus driver union is on strike so taxis are lined up in the bus lane at the high school by my apartment.

February 7, 2018

Boy I love the top of the fold headlines in Seattle.

February 6, 2018

The Alaska Way Viaduct, before it is torn down.

When using Cassandra you quickly learn that preparing queries is the way to go. It makes them about a billion times faster. But sometimes you need to do fancy things to your queries like set up a specific retry policy or set up a specific consistency policy that is active for just that query. I found few examples of how to do this in the documentation or on the internet. So, in Python, here's how to do both.

__queries = {
    "select": None,  # store the prepared select query

def select_data(foo):
    if (__queries["select"] is None):
        __queries["select"] = session.prepare("""
            SELECT col1, col2
            FROM mykeyspace.mytable
            WHERE col3 = :foo
        __queries["select"].retry_policy = cassandra.policies.DowngradingConsistencyRetryPolicy()
    query = __queries["select"]

    bound = query.bind({"foo": foo})
    bound.consistency_level = cassandra.ConsistencyLevel.QUORUM

    rows = session.execute(bound)
    for row in rows:


February 4, 2018

This water fountain is a mixed message for dogs.

January 29, 2018

January 21, 2018

I bought a new Apple TV a few months ago to use with my 4K TV. It came with the new Netflix application that automatically plays previews while you're trying to read the description of the show. This is annoying and a search of the internet shows that basically everyone thinks its annoying. I immediately called Netflix on the phone to ask how to turn it off because I couldn't figure out how. They told me that one could not turn it off but that they were working on it. Fast forward to today and I'm annoyed enough again that I searched the internet to see if I can turn it off. You still can't. So I started a live chat with Netflix to ask them how to turn it off and provide feedback that it'd be swell if I could turn this off. Their immediate response, before I even said anything else:

Hi there! Currently we don't have a way to turn it off, however, I know that adding a button to make it optional seems like a pretty simple update that would go a long way.

Boy it sure would is what I responded and that I wanted to give them the feedback so that they can provide it to their management that this is awful. But that doesn't seem possible:

Absolutely, although there is currently no way for us to take feedback or a department that could look into this from my end , good thing is that our full interaction saved on our end but I will leave this information handy for future reference.

Wait, there's no way for me to provide feedback save for just cancelling my account? That's kind of awful, I say.

I understand and appreciate you taking the time out of your day to bring this up to our attention, rest assured that having no contracts or cancellation fees, it is in our best interest to gather as much feedback as we can to hear what our customers have to say, I bet Netflix has a different way to take feedback!

Except you aren't gathering feedback in the most direct way possible. Netflix, don't make me cancel my membership yet again. Do a search in your favorite search engine for how much people hate this feature.

I went to the Women's March again this year. It was similarly inspiring.


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