July 7, 2018

Going to California: Day 6 - San Francisco, CA, to Canyonville, OR

I started heading home today. Brutally hot in inland California. I passed through an active wildfire on I-5 on the California side of the Oregon border. There were still hot spots and there was smoke that smelled like wood for miles and miles. The fire had recently gone over the interstate and I could see the shells of houses that had burned and the buildings that survived. The police had most of the exits blocked off from the interstate through the area and they appeared to have made a rally point at one of the gas stations because there were a number of campers and probably a dozen police cars all gathered. One police car was herding cows down a street to escape. It was devastating to see. The fire was still very active in a small area only a few hundred feet off of the highway. Obviously I did not stop to take any pictures but I'll likely not forget what a recently scorched countryside looks like.


I can understand no pictures but I am curious from a photojournalism perspective based on your description.
posted at 5:04AM PDT on July 8, 2018 by Michael

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