July 22, 2009

I am hanging out at a gas station waiting for my oil to be changed. I am happy someone was able to do it on two hours notice.

I had breakfast in Orick again. That restaurant, The Palm Cafe, is great. Good service and people. And very helpful in finding me a motorcycle shop. Also let me use their drier to dry my jacket liner/wind breaker because...

I woke up this morning with a fine mist coming down over the whole beach and had soaked some of my stuff. I got away from the beach and it was gone. I think I was in a cloud, actually. I did not like putting a wet, dirty tent away one bit.

I stopped at a Target to see if I could get some long underwear because it is still less than 60 outside. They didn't have any because, in their words, "technically" it is summer. Oh well.

I'm going to push as far toward San Francisco as possible tonight and I'm definitely going to unpack my gear and lay it out in the hotel room and repack it all. I'm also going to have to do laundry. I am out of clean clothes!


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