January 6, 2018

For the fourth year in a row I climbed Mount Si for Christmas. The trail seemed much easier this year than in years past. While last year Christmas Day was bright and sunny and the trail was full of people enjoying the weather, it resembled my mood about life -- well, my personal life, as the world itself had started down the shitter last winter. This year it was snowing in Seattle and snowing the entire way up the mountain and I only ran into a dozen people. This, too, seemed to match my mood about life. Even with all that snow falling there was less than expected at the top. In previous years there had been several feet of packed, wet snow. This year there seemed to be barely more than a foot of fresh powder. Of course I couldn't see anything through the clouds that typically hit and then stop at the westward facing peak to which the Mount Si trail brings you. I also got propositioned on the way up the trail by a man and that was interesting. It was a fine way to end 2017 and fit my mood perfectly.


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