July 11, 2018

This is probably the last post on this blog. I put most of my pictures up on Instagram now. Feel free to reach out and I'll let you know where that is. In a few months this blog will likely be replaced with something else. Check back once in a while, I guess, or I can reach out to you if you want to know.

The Golden Gate Bridge right at sunset. There are some photographers in the bottom of the picture and there were a bunch more behind me. It was pretty much a beautiful sunset. I need to do more photography like this in Seattle but were I to live in San Francisco I would come take pictures of this bridge every day and night.

These trees in the Redwood State Forest were very, very big.

I took a lot of photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. I think this is one of my slightly more creative ones.

The cross at the top of Mt. Davidson in San Francisco. Note that while the park surrounding this cross is owned by the city, the cross itself and the land surrounding it is not and was in fact sold by the city in the late 1990s to "comply with the California Constitution". This cross was also used in the first Dirty Harry movie and is just as creepy in real life as in the movie.

This is the top of Coit Tower in San Francisco.

I took a lot of photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. This one was taken from the Marin Headlands when I was heading out of San Francisco so this must be about 10am. It was an abnormally clear day.

July 10, 2018

I'm fairly certain that nobody finds this interesting but I do. I filled up my motorcycle twelve times on this trip. I spent $120.05 on 33.566 gallons. I waited an average of 157.75 miles before refilling and put in an average of 2.797 gallons into a tank that holds 3.7 gallons. I got an average of 56.39 miles per gallon with a best of 63.64 miles per gallon heading to Crescent City, CA, from Grants Pass, OR. I got a worst of 53.18 miles per gallon scooting around San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. The most I paid for gas was $3.89 per gallon in San Francisco and the least was $3.22 in Oregon. You can see how this compares to previous trips here.

It's time to update my map of all of the road trips that I have taken. This isn't a very significant update but it adds almost two thousand more miles.

Here are the complete tracks for my Going to California trip.

Going to California: Day 7 - Canyonville, OR, to Seattle, WA

I rounded out the trip with a jaunt up I-5 back to Seattle. Nothing exciting. Just finishing up what I did.

July 8, 2018

I'm retroactively changing the name of this latest trip from "Going to California" to "Nothing Much Matters".

July 7, 2018

Going to California: Day 6 - San Francisco, CA, to Canyonville, OR

I started heading home today. Brutally hot in inland California. I passed through an active wildfire on I-5 on the California side of the Oregon border. There were still hot spots and there was smoke that smelled like wood for miles and miles. The fire had recently gone over the interstate and I could see the shells of houses that had burned and the buildings that survived. The police had most of the exits blocked off from the interstate through the area and they appeared to have made a rally point at one of the gas stations because there were a number of campers and probably a dozen police cars all gathered. One police car was herding cows down a street to escape. It was devastating to see. The fire was still very active in a small area only a few hundred feet off of the highway. Obviously I did not stop to take any pictures but I'll likely not forget what a recently scorched countryside looks like.

Going to California: Day 5 - The Bay Area

I've been in San Francisco for the past three nights. Two days ago I just walked around the city and saw sights. Yesterday I drove around the area and saw more sights. Here's how I got lost around Mt. Davidson.

July 5, 2018

Who wears hats like this anymore?

I'm assuming these are lawyers who ride motorcycles.

July 4, 2018

Going to California: Day 3 - Orick, CA, to San Francisco, CA

Today I continued down US-101 to California Highway 1. Then I took California 185 back to US-101 and San Francisco. I'm going to spend the next two days in San Francisco before heading out on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous again but it's chilly in San Francisco, of course. Chilly and clear. Who knows what I'll get myself into.

If you are in northern California near US-101, don't miss Avenue of Giants. It is the best detour ever. It's a road shrouded for miles and miles by giant redwoods directly adjacent to the road. Nothing else matches the feeling of being towered over 300 feet by 3,000 year old tree.

I had forgotten how twisty and turny the first twenty miles of California Highway 1 are. It's only been nine years.

A plastic bag on the road found my tailpipe.

July 3, 2018

Going to California: Day 2 - Portland, OR, to Orick, CA

Oh yes, I have been to Orick before. And that's where I am staying tonight. I ate at the Palm Cafe and I am staying at the adjacent Palm Motel. The weather is much better this time though still in the 60s which is surprisingly chilly when you're going 60mph. I stopped and did an hour long hike through the redwoods but I also put down a lot of miles. I'm not particularly tired today, either, but I'm feeling just right. Were my internet connection be better I would upload a few pictures but it is not so I cannot.

Billion dollar idea: polarizer with little teeth on it so that it doesn't become repeatedly stuck to the front of your lens.


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