Creating SSL Certificates

A million people have written about this and now it’s my turn. I have a need to create myself a certificate authority and then to use that certificate authority so that my programs can communicate with each other using those certificates to identify themselves. Here are the commands that I ran with absolutely no explanation […]

The New Social Network

Some of you may remember my old blog that I used to keep here. It was online from sometime in 2007 until late 2018. It had a few outages when I didn’t feel like blogging and just took the whole thing down, like in spring 2014 when it was down for six months or so […]

Building Debian AWS EC2 AMIs

A lot of acronyms in that title there. There have been some problems getting Debian’s latest release, “buster”, available on AWS. I got tired of waiting so I took it into my own hands to build an AMI for myself. It should be straightforward but the documentation is a bit scattered. It’s likely that what […]

Python Bytes and Characters

Last week I lost two days of my life fighting with Python, encoding, and Supervisor. It all starts with the fact that in Python2 doesn’t handle encodings very well. I’ll leave the discussion of how Python2 handles encodings at that because Python2 is dead at the end of 2019 but suffice it to say that […]

Software Projects

Throughout my time at the University of Washington I have had the privilege of being able to build a lot of systems that underpin large portions of the University’s computing infrastructure. I’m starting to pull some of those systems out of the University’s source control, make some modifications to them such that they are generally […]

Python SSL Socket Server

I recently had to build a small server application in Python. It did not need to be anything complicated. It needed to run on about one hundred servers and receive a tiny command to do something and then be done. A web server would have been overkill and a was definitely not available on all […]