The Arc de Triumph is surrounded by a giant traffic circle with absolutely no signs or traffic signals and everyone is driving like a maniac. Every single police vehicle I saw enter turned its siren on and then as it left turned the siren off.
This is easily the best shot I took on my entire Europe trip. In the print version you can see incredible detail in the shadows. I took a night train to Paris and arrived at 6am. From there, I grabbed a cab and had him take me to the base of the tower.
Dachau was the longest operating prison camp in the Third Reich. Residents claimed they had no knowledge of its operations but were forced to clean it up after its liberation in disbelief. Coincidentally, the former prison is still located next to an operating police riot squad training camp.
This serene path through a quiet neighborhood in Dachau was once part of the forced march from the train station to the Dachau prison camp.
Located in the Heidelberg Castle, the world’s largest keg only operated for about thirty years before it got a leak. You’d think someone could walk into it and fix it.
Red roofs and steeples make up the skyline of what I shall call “old town Heidelberg.” The “new” Heidelberg is in the distance, where the Neckar river gets wider.
Trees that line the bottom of the Capital Building and look strangely like plants that might appear in Super Mario Brothers.