The New Social Network

Some of you may remember my old blog that I used to keep here. It was online from sometime in 2007 until late 2018. It had a few outages when I didn’t feel like blogging and just took the whole thing down, like in spring 2014 when it was down for six months or so with just a “403 Forbidden” error.

I’ve been meaning to backport some of the content of that blog on this one. In particular, I had made a number of posts about programming that I want to get up here to share code that I’ve written. But I can be slow about that kind of thing.

My old blog, as you might remember, was a very Twitter-like. I mostly put up short snarks as well as pictures of my dog and mountains and whatnot. I also put up GPX tracks from hiking and road trips. This blog, on the other hand, has been focused on longer form posts. I have missed having something where I am able to post quick pictures and links and unfunny quips.

Back in 2016, in an effort to “democratize” social networking some forward thinking people used the OStatus protocol (later updated to the ActivityPub protocol) to build a federated, open source social networking system. Being somewhat out of it with respect to social networking myself I only learned of this a few months ago. It lets me set up my own node where I can control who registers and I’m not going to log in some day and discover that all of my posts have become monetized or something. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to replace my old blog. The dominant implementation is software called Mastodon.

A few years ago, for reasons unknown to even me, I registered the domain name Analogous to Twitter’s “tweet”, in Mastodon, when one posts a new status it is called a “toot”. This is because the mascot for Mastodon is a mastodon and people toot things from their trumpet, or something. My mind being what it is this obviously lent itself to using the domain to host my own node in the Fediverse. I hope the humor is obvious.

That is all to say that if you’re looking for less frequent, longer form posts from me then this is the place to check out. If you’re looking for random photos and content similar to my old blog, head over to Uncontrollable Gas. You’re welcome to register your own account — either on my node or any other node, really, it’s all a federation — and join the Fediverse.