Software Projects

Throughout my time at the University of Washington I have had the privilege of being able to build a lot of systems that underpin large portions of the University’s computing infrastructure. I’m starting to pull some of those systems out of the University’s source control, make some modifications to them such that they are generally useful, and then document and publish them here.

To that end I have put together a projects page with some of the things I’ve done worth highlighting. It is far from complete.

However, to this point it has information on the clone system that I built out, plus some PostgreSQL programs and monitoring tips. I’m hoping to get the software deployment system push up soon, since it is mostly done already, as well as the Supervisor command and control system dart that I recently rebuilt at work up there really soon now, too. Then I’ll get around to creating a publicly usable event management system based on the one I created at UW plus the network device monitoring system that I built at UW as well.

So I just wanted to share that finally, after talking about it for a few years, I’m moving forward with some of this sharing stuff. I also still intend to port over a bunch of my old blog posts, too. But that turned out to be much, much harder than it looked and my video games look so nice after sitting at a desk all day. Soon enough.