Views from the Viaduct

At near midnight on January 11th, 2019, the state of Washington closed the Alaskan Way Viaduct permanently after more than sixty years ferrying cars along the Seattle waterfront. The dull roar that made it impossible to hold a conversation in Victor Steinbrueck Park disappeared and with it a calm that the waterfront has not heard since the early 1950s. On the night of February 1st, the state closed the Battery Street Tunnel, which the viaduct used to feed into. (It was still being feed by ramps from Western Avenue after the viaduct’s closure.) And then on February 2nd the city and state opened up the new 99 Tunnel, the Battery Street Tunnel, and a portion of the upper deck of the viaduct to pedestrian traffic before the new tunnel opened on February 4th. I went for a tour. Turns out that taking pictures of a road while actually on the road is not quite as interesting, I don’t think, but here are a handful of photos.

Revelers walk through the poorly lit Battery Street Tunnel.
The lower deck of the viaduct, while lit, was closed to pedestrians. This is a view from the Seneca Street off ramp.
The Seattle Great Wheel from the viaduct with the Port of Seattle behind it. No, this is not really viaduct related.