Glass Blowing

I recently took a glass blowing class at Pratt Fine Arts Center. The class was four hours every week for six weeks and we learned how to gather glass from the furnace, blow a bubble, gather again, and shape it into something that looks marginally close to a cup or whatever. Here are some of the things that I put together including two cups, a bowl, a vase-like thing, some ornaments, a pumpkin, and a chili pepper.

A “bowl”.
A “vase”.
Two cups!
The ornament on the left weighs about a half of a pound. The ornament on the right is all blown out of proportion.
This pumpkin is my second favorite. It involved a cast.
This is my favorite. It’s a chili pepper.

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  1. Nah. It’s actually really hard. Actually I might get studio time to make some more like the last two and give them as gifts. Maybe.

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