A new year, a new blog.

For those of you who still check here you definitely noticed that my blog was inaccessible since Augustish when I decided to take it down. At that time I concluded that the microblog full of quips and pithy comments that I had kept for more than a decade had grown stale and tired. As I get older I can’t keep up the cynicism necessary to regularly populate a microblog. Besides, in the time since I started Twitter has filled that role much better than I can.

So here’s a new website. I gave up writing my own code to maintain a website. Again, as I get older I don’t have the time or energy to keep up a code base for something so mundane as a blog when this problem has been solved a lot. I’ll let people who care more than I do handle the basics of creating websites for me so I can work on things that are actually interesting to me.

Obviously as of this writing the old blog content is not here and obviously as of this writing the theme is a bit spartan. But I’m hoping over some period of time measured in less than years to merge the more interesting things from my old blog into this one and to give the site maybe a bit of color. I’m also hoping to add a page called “Projects” that details some of the code that I’ve written and put on GitHub. I’m also hoping to add a page called “Photography” where I can group together some of the photo projects that I’ve done in the past or intend to work on in the future. Yes, I realize the lack of originality and novelty in my pursuits. But they make me happy and here we are.

There is an RSS feed for blog entries here and an RSS feed for comments.¬†Unfortunately the RSS feeds don’t tell you when the “Projects” or “Photography” pages update so I’ll be sure to write something mentioning when I do updates over there. Comments are enabled for now, too. We’ll see how long that lasts before I get fed up moderating and/or deleting spam.

And here we are. Welcome to 2019.

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